Our Story

Sydney is a long way south of Mexico but we still know a thing or two about sultry nights and dangerous days – not to mention sultry men and dangerous women. Blend Tarantino vibes with a mix of sizzling Mexican nights… add some Mezcal tequila (the spirit of Mexico)… and you have THE MEZCALTONES….

THE MEZCALTONES embody the style and attitude of those famous Tarantino flicks, with a little Robert Rodrigues Tex Mex thrown in… add the 60’s surf rock guitar sounds of Dick Dale and Link Wray … the lavishness of Mexican dance, infused with the sexiness of Salma Hayek From ‘Dusk Till Dawn’… I think you get the vibe...

With the bands slick look and sharp costumes THE MEZCALTONES are there to entertain.

It’s more than a band, it’s a show… With ATTITUDE!
THE MEZCALTONES comprise 6 experienced musicians who came together through their love of cool tones, and get down and get dirty Tex Mex sounds. Their unique style transports you on a journey of intoxicating nights South of the Border… MEXICAN BORDER THAT IS!

Don Juan – Texan Time Keeper with a Smooth Tequila Feel
Don Too (aka Col Padre) – Raspy Lead Vocals dripping with Desert Soul
El Shango – Lead Guitar possessed with tangy, psychedelic blues, magic finger licks
Lucre – Filthy Lucre
Mimi – Spicy Seductress who shakes it like a Rattle Snake
Neralita – Queen of Southern Rhythm Strummin’

THE MEZCALTONES are inspired by way cool tunes from Tito and Tarantula, Dick Dale, Link Wray, Los Lobos, Santana and other artists from this genre.


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Neralita – Manager
0405 100 353